About Me

Hello there, my name is Brett Popoleo and I work as a freelance web designer & developer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I started my web design & development career in Orlando...

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My Portfolio

Popoleo Designs knows how to develop unique and creative websites that look great and function properly. This page highlights some of our previous work.

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Drop Me A Line

If you are interested in speaking to me about your web design or development project please feel free to contact me anytime at (412) 212-8767. Or just fill in this short contact form...

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Some of the Web Design & Web Development Services offered by Popoleo Designs

landscapeWeb site users form first impressions of web pages in the blink of an eye. Your Web site’s first impression will make the difference between whether your visitors stay or leave. Nothing says more about an online organization than a uniquely designed website that is well maintained. Frequent content changes, site enhancements, and incorporating the latest website technologies are necessary to retain website users and improve search engine placement.

I believe in delivering quality website designs that incorporate the latest design trends and website technologies for small businesses and individuals at affordable prices. When you choose Popoleo Designs, it is the first step to building a long lasting relationship. We will work together to create a professional website that suits you or your company’s specific needs.

Working together during all design and development phases is important to insure you are completely satisfied during the entire development process. A web development project can only be successful if the final result is a website that is a perfect blend of your vision and my creative knowledge and expertize.

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