Manage Trash From Command Line

Install cli-trash

Move file file01.txt in the Trash Can, use :

List all the contents of the Trash Can :

Rrestore a trashed file :

Remove all trashed files :

Remove files that have been in the trash more than a given number of days :

List more files on FTP

To increase the number of files that can be displayed per directory in Debian 8. The first argument is the maximum number of files to be displayed. The second one is the max subdirectories depth. LimitRecursion 5000 5

Then restart the ftp service

Unset ISPConfig 3 folder security

When a new site is created inside ISPConfig 3, the directories protected. Not even a root account can create folders or files in those folders. To bypass the protection, the protection attribute must be temporarily removed from the directory. This can be accomplished using the chattr command:

This will remove the protection and allow […]