Edit your Mac HOSTS file

Edit your Mac HOSTS file

Edit your Mac HOSTS file

If you like making things a little easier on yourself while you are working on your local development server this is for you!

What am I talking about you ask?

What I am talking about is editing your Mac hosts file so that you can view your local site with this
rather than this

Here it is….

Launch your Mac Terminal and type
sudo su [RETURN]
Enter Root Password [RETURN]
nano /etc/hosts [RETURN]

Position yourself with your keyboard arrows
type myawsomesite

Hit the ctrl-x keys. Terminal will ask if you want to save changes. Type a “y” for yes.
Hit [RETURN] to save the file

thats it, now type //myawsomesite into your internet browser and it will take you to you local site.

note: If you are using a v-host configuration in apache, you will need to add myawsomesite as an alias under that host.

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